Nutritious Kids

I eat well and I encourage the rest of the family and all the children that I look after in my role as a childminder to make better food choices.

The key to eating well as a family is to be organised.  I make sure that I've always got energy balls in the fridge for my kids to snack on.  My favourite to make and theirs to contains just cashews, oats, medjool dates and cacao nibs.  Just 4 simple ingredients.  I'd much rather they eat these than the items you find down the confectionary aisle in the supermarket.

However I'm not saying I'm perfect.  I do keep in the cupboard a pack of rich tea biscuits as sometimes I do just want to dunk a biccie in my tea and the kids want a biscuit instead of an energy ball.  I also have mini mulitpacks of biscuits which are advertised as being good for lunch boxes.  These are ideal to keep in the bag for day trips.

I have a 6 weekly meal plan which runs alongside the school menu as currently my kids have school dinners.  This ensures they don't eat the same meals in one day and I can offer them different vegetables so they get more of a variety each day.

Each child I look after has to like two vegetables.  All the kids like cooked carrots and I'll have some that like peas and some that like broccoli.  I'll find that some evenings I'm cooking 4 different veggies but I don't mind because I know that there is going to be less waste and at least they are eating something they like.

Getting kids in the kitchen is aa big part of getting kids to enjoy food.  My 4 year old daughter likes to help me roll energy balls or flatten the Raw Iced Gems we make.  My 6 year old son likes to coat the chicken strips in flour, egg and breadcrumbs to make chicken goujons.  

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